Special Education Student Notice - Before 2015 (Corwith, Wesley, Corwith-Wesley CSD)

The Lu Verne CSD (including records from Corwith, Wesley and the combined Corwith-Wesley CSD) is in the process of merging with the Algona CSD on July 1, 2023.  If you were a special education student in Corwith, Wesley or Corwith-Wesley CSD before 2015 and you would like a copy of your old IEP you can request a copy of this IEP (assuming we still have a copy in our records) before the district properly disposes of them.  This request can be made via a phone call (515-882-3357) or you can email Ally Thompson at athompson@cwl-csd.org before April 30, 2023.  There will be a $10 flat fee associated with pulling and sending the IEP records to you.

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